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Inspiring Awareness
Through Play

Video games have a unique potential to address mental health. Games create the opportunity to play through challenge scenarios in a safe space, and to build coping skills along with a vocabulary for experience. Games can focus the player’s attention on internal psychological and emotional processes through world design, and offer new response patterns through practice and mastery of core mechanics, increasing flexibility of response and therefore resilience. Games also serve as a story medium, allowing for players to see themselves in the protagonist and for their journey to resonate emotionally on a deeper level.

At Taralumen, our mission is to create iconic video games with a mental health focus. We emphasize powerful character and story design, meaningful mechanics and innovative gameplay to make video games that are inclusive in scope and benefit mental health through increased awareness and agency. Our characters are relatable yet aspirational, our narratives are immersive and purposeful. We make diverse games for youth and adult players alike, infused with the joy of discovery and depth of empathy. Radical compassion is the end goal for each and every story we tell.