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Join Cora as she adventures through the fantastical realm of the Inner Lands. Scale towering Sequoias, swim through rippling kelp forests, traverse dune mazes, slot canyons, and shadow-filled woods, in a world brought to life by Cora’s own emotional landscape and life experiences. As Taralumen’s flagship game, CORA focuses on anxiety, its manifestation in one’s daily life, and on the tools and skills to mitigate it. Following Cora on her journey, players encounter anxiety as the game’s core antagonist, experienced and articulated directly through the mechanics of gameplay. Cora must learn to breathe, to name her fears, to focus and to believe in herself, in order to face novel environmental blocks like blurring landscapes, distorted, shifting shadows, and deep-seated fears made manifest.

As Cora grows stronger, wiser, and more adept at tackling her anxiety, the Inner Lands continue to open up to her – soon players can help Cora shift the stars, stir the wind, split waterfalls, and regenerate forests as her magic and that of the world around her continues to blossom. CORA is designed to be playable and engaging for all ages. With multiple layers of exploration, discovery and retraversal built into the game, CORA rewards players with greater story complexity and magical enhancements with each new attempt.